Weekly analytical report 9 – 14 June, 2020

17 June – 17 June 2020

In this issue: The government financial policy concerning Naftogaz may significantly reduce the company’s investment potential, particularly as regards maintaining and increasing gas production … The Regulator’s decision simplifying the procedure of supplier...

Weekly analytical report 1 – 8 June, 2020

10 June – 10 June 2020

In this issue: Even though the expected liberalization of the retail gas market for households is less than a month away, the government shows no signs of serious activity, in particular as regards ensuring guaranteed gas supply … The intentions to expand the U.S....

Weekly analytical report 25 – 31 May, 2020

3 June – 03 June 2020

In this issue: - The intention of certain MPs to appeal the gas TSO unbundling may obstruct further integration of the Ukrainian and European gas markets … - The electricity market revealed vulnerability not just on the side of supply but also of demand: the regulator and market...

Weekly analytical report 20 – 26 May, 2020

26 May – 26 May 2020

In this issue: - The government’s first steps to stabilize the situation in the electricity market look cautious and do not significantly change the position of Energoatom… - Despite promises, the government and investors in renewable energy still haven’t reached a...

Weekly analytical report 13 – 19 May, 2020

20 May – 20 May 2020

In this issue: - Despite the difficult situation in the energy sector, the government continues to develop the long-awaited anti-crisis measures…  - The government’s new vision concerning transformation of coal regions should not contradict the policy towards...

Weekly analytical report 6 – 12 May, 2020

14 May – 14 May 2020

In this issue: - The declining demand for gas in Europe did not prevent Russia from pressing ahead with its political pipeline projects … - In the middle of oil price crisis, when buyers of both crude oil and petroleum products in the global market take advantage of low...

Weekly analytical report 29 April – 5 May, 2020

6 May – 06 May 2020

In this issue: - The first decision of the government as part of ‘anti-crisis package’ was the revised forecasted electricity balance, which reflected the actual state of affairs in the market… - Due to low demand and the growing share of renewables in the forecasted...

Weekly analytical report 22-28 April, 2020

28 April – 28 April 2020

In this issue: - The formation of strategic oil stocks is not just a matter of commercial interest but also of the national energy security … - In the conditions of uncertainty as regards the lockdown duration, governments worldwide pursue various strategies of dealing with...

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